Emerging Leaders

We Are The Emerging Leaders

The Emerging Leader Organization provides a framework and a pathway for emerging leaders to discover their passion, pursue their dreams, and impact the world! Expect through your membership in ELO to gain the confidence to discern, celebrate and utilize your given talents through a proven curriculum.

You will be provided with opportunities to learn from mentors and to tap into their network of business leaders allowing you to develop your own powerful network of peers & a connected consortium of business leaders.

Expand the vision of what is possible through your life, professionally and personally. Start the process to create a legacy worthy of celebrating. Wake up, re-engage life, and live with the expectation that the best is yet to come

Our leaders are emboldened to engage in life professionally and personally much more significantly than they previously imagined possible.   They develop the awareness that, as leaders, have the opportunity, the gift, and the mandate to confidently become the best they can be and truly thrive in life.

By aligning personal passion with professional acumen, our leaders are empowered to embrace their past, expand their possibilities, and design their exceptional life.

Our Mission As Emerging Leaders

It's Bigger Than Just Us